imgood is a social app that helps family and friends stay connected while promoting mental wellness. The platform aims to break the stigma around mental health by revolutionizing traditional social networking platforms.

We’re actively recruiting individuals who are eager to join our product development team and are passionate about mental and social wellness. Interested in joining our cross-regional team of entrepreneurs? Feel free to shoot us an email at — We’d love to hear from you!

Founded: September 2023


SportsHERoes is an educational website for women and girls on the topic of sports and wellness. The platform was built to provide Asian women and girls with the knowledge and resources necessary to engage in, navigate through, and thrive in an active lifestyle. SportsHERoes actively seeks to support and empower females to use their voices and actions to lead others in taking care of their wellness. 

Her move is a movement derived from SportsHERoes that aims to share the stories on trials, triumphs & growth from Olympians, national athletes and more. 

Founded: June 2023

voice in sport columbia

Voice in Sport Columbia is a university chapter of the larger Voice in Sport organization that supports and empowers female athletes. Voice in Sport Columbia is a university recognized chapter and student-athlete affinity group that supports the university’s female student-athletes by providing them with social support, increased funding, Title IX training, and giving them a platform to elevate their voices and build community.

Founded: September 2022